Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oliver Twist ( Chapter 5 &6)

' Fagin'

Next morning, there was nobody in the room except Fagin (the old man) and Oliver. As Fagin thought that Oliver hadn't woken up yet , he drew out a box from a secret hole in the floor and he placed it on the table. Then he took out a golden watch and some jewels, which he looked with pleasure. 

Suddenly, Fagin looked at Oliver who was staring at him. He shut the box and ran to Oliver.He threatened Oliver and Oliver apologized and said that he had just woken up.Fagin told Oliver that all the treasure he saw was his and that it was the only thing he had to live on for the rest of his life.

After that , Jack came in with another boy, called Charley Bates. Jack got two purses and Charley four handkerchiefs. Fagin said that the purses weren't so heavy and that the handkerchiefs were marked ( had names on them ) so they needed to be taken out with a needle. He also said that he would teach Oliver how to do that.

After breakfast, Fagin placed expensive things in his pockets and he took a stick with him. Then he started walking up and down the room while Jack and Charlie were trying to take the things from his pockets without Fagin to understand it .If Fagin understood that somebody had taken the things from his pockets, this 'game' would start again. While, they were playing this game , two ladies Bet and Nancy came in and Jack and Charlie went out with them. Fagin asked Oliver to try to take out his handkerchief. Oliver tried and Fagin didn't feel anything. Fagin was impressed; however, Oliver hadn't understood exactly the 'game'.

'Oliver among the thieves'

For the next days Oliver stayed in and he was taking the marks off the handkerchiefs and he was also playing the 'game'. Then Oliver missed the fresh air and begged Fagin to let him go out with the other boys. At first Fagin said 'no' but then at last he let Oliver go out with the others.

So, the three boys ( Oliver, Jack and Charlie ) went out . They were walking slowly and suddenly they stopped walking. Jack had seen a man outside the bookshop who was reading a book and he said that this man would be perfect for the 'job'. The boys went closer to him and Jack got a handkerchief out of the man's pocket. Then straightaway , Jack and Charlie began to run while Oliver stood still without understanding what had happened. When at last Oliver understood everything he began to run too but the man had already seen Oliver running and shouted ' Stop thief ' . At the sound of these words some people began to run after Oliver.Even Jack and Charlie ran after Oliver!

Finally, Oliver fell down because he couldn't run any more and Mr Brownlow ( the man whose handkerchief was stolen by Jack and Charlie) said to the policeman who had just arrived not to hit Oliver. Oliver said that he wasn't the one who stole the handkerchief. Also the man who owned the bookshop said that Oliver wasn't lying.He also said that there were two other boys who stole the handkerchief and that Oliver was just watching them.

Then when they set Oliver free he almost fainted and Mr Brownlow called a carriage. He put Oliver inside the carriage and he sat beside him. The carriage finally stopped in front of a pleasant house and Mr Brownlow took Oliver inside a bedroom, where he placed Oliver in the bed and let him sleep.

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