Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oliver Twist ( Unit 5 and 6 )

FAGIN ....!!!

Old Fagin and Oliver were in the room. Fagin thought that Oliver was sleeping but Oliver was awake.Then, Fagin locked the door and pulled out a box from a secret hole on the floor.He placed it on the table .The box had six gold watches with jewels and rings .Suddenly, Fagin looked at Oliver. The boy's eyes was nailed on him and he shut the box and got near Oliver with a knife .

Fagin asked Oliver what he had seen and Oliver said that he had seen everything ! Next , Fagin told that he would live on these jewels when he was older. Then , came another thief called Charly Bates. Charley gave to Fagin purses and then came children and gave Fagin four handkerchiefs. 

Then , Charley told that the handkerchief were good but there were marked .Fagin showed to Oliver how to take them out with a needle. After that Fagin told them to play a game . Fagin took his jewellery and took them in his pockets. Then , he walked in the room with a stick as a gentleman. The children had to push him and took all the jewellery .But if he felt their hands the game started again. 

When Oliver saw the children trying to take the gold he started crying from the great laugh . Then Fagin told Oliver to play .Fagin put a handkerchief in his pocket . Oliver managed to get the handkerchief without Fagin feeling his hands in his pocket . Then Fagin said to Oliver that he was a good thief .Oliver believed that Fagin knew better because he was older.


After all, Oliver wanted fresh air. So he went to Fagin and begged him to allowed him to go out. Fagin said to Oliver to leave and help the other children with their work .Suddenly the children came close to an old rich man who was reading a book. The children pushed him and took his handkerchief.At once , Oliver understood that Fagin's game wasn't a simple game.After the children and Oliver started running.

Mr Brownlow was the old man that the children had robbed.Mr Brownlow saw only Oliver running and shouted "thief, stop thief ". The people who were around started to pursue him. A man got near Oliver and hit him on the face.Then a policeman arrived to capture him. Suddenly the owner of the bookshop came near.He told he had seen what happened.Mr Brownlow didn't get angry with Oliver and took him to his home to live together.

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