Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oliver Twist

Oliver was sleeping. Fagin assured that Oliver was sleeping and he placed a box on the table. He took of it a gold watch, jewels and rings. Oliver's eyes were fixed on Fagin's. Fagin saw him and unfortunately shut the door and shouted to Oliver, threatening him.

Oliver said that he had just woken up but Fagin didn't listen to him. Suddenly Jack Dawkins came with Charley Bates. They had stolen purses and marked handkerchiefs. Oliver had to take out the marks with a needle. Then Fagin pretended to be a gentleman by wearing a suit, holding a stick and other jewels that were of great worth and he was watching at the shop windows with the fear of thieves.

The children tried to take the things that Fagin had in his pockets, without him feeling it. That was the game with which Fagin taught the kids how to steal. Oliver thought that it was just a game but he understood it when Jack and the other kids stole a handkerchief from an old man. The children started running away but Oliver was terrified from this event.

Without knowing what he had to do, he started running. Unfortunately the old man called Brownlow saw him and started shouting 'stop thief' while he was chasing Oliver. Afterwards someone hit him and caught him. Luckily there was a witness, the manager of the shop, and told the police officer and Mr Brownlow that two other children had stolen the handkerchief. He was simply unlucky! Finally Oliver fainted and Mr Brownlow took him with him in his carriage..

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