Friday, March 18, 2011

Rabbit jumping show

I knew rabbits could jump, but I would have never suspected anyone would have turned it into a sport.This sport was invented in Sweden in the 1970's.Rabbits have jumped up to 1 meter high and others have jumped more than 3 metres in distance.

Nowadays this sport has disappeared.Last month I came across a video and I saw how this sport is. I believe that it's really exciting and unusual.But I love animals,so I don't want to use them only to be famous.In this video I saw a bizarre rabbit,very big which jumped more than 3 metres.He is the most famous rabbit in this sport and everybody knows about it.

However,there are some problems with this sport.Lots of animals have been injured and people weren't interested in this sport, so it disappeared. But this is not the only reason that this sport disappeared. Animal lovers who care about animals complained because they believe that this is no good for rabbits.Also bunnies nees a lot of time and patience to train so that was difficult.

I don't believe that this sport would appear in the future because people are sensitive about animals and they wouldn't let them do this sport again.

Click here to see the sport:

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  1. Very interesting video and post, Izoldi! I had no idea about this 'sport'!