Tuesday, March 8, 2011

White Fang The Book

White Fang lives with the Indians on the Mackenzie River. They try to teach him how to look after himself and to fight hard. Then, Beauty Smith bought him and used him for dog fights.White fang lost one of these fights . He was saved from death by Weedon Scott who used kindness to treat the animals, rather the stick, and the White Fang loved him and made Weedon as a new boss for him. When Scott had to leave the Klondike for California , White Fang learned a new way of life and even saved his new family from some bad for them situations. He found happiness, too, when his own cubs were born.

I have learnt from this book how a Dog-wolf can come too close to his boss and how the master can attract them when he wants to use the animal or to torture it. In my view, I love dogs and I believe that the dogs or wolves can be your best friend. You can tell them all of your secrets and you can rely on them without fear.

I suggest you read this book in order to learn how a dog-wolf behaves when it is treated badly and how it behaves when it is treated well by his boss. Generally, you'll understand that both dogs and humans have got a brain and understand all the situations and basically that dogs have got a soul as humans have.

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  1. Super description, Mary, and well-phrased opinion in the end! :)