Friday, March 4, 2011

The Promise

Pedro Moreira lived in Bahia with his wife Maria.They lived in a hut on a hillside.The hill was called Gloria.The hut had only one small room which was almost empty.There was only a table,a broken chair and a mattress.One day Pedro was sitting on the ground outside his hut and he was looking unhappy because his wife was going to have a baby.They had three other children before, but they had all died.Pedro wanted a son,but he was afraid because they didn't have food to give for a new baby.They had no money.After some days Maria gave birth to the baby.

An old Negress put the baby in the arms of Pedro and she told to him that the boy would live and one day the baby would be well known all over the world and he would give happiness to many people.Pedro looked at the old Negress in a strange way, but he believed her. 'He will become a rich man and he will help poor people like us', continued the old Negress. 'Be a good father to the boy', she said to Pedro.'One day, he will be a good son to you.' That was the old Negress' Promise.

Pedro and Maria always remembered the words of the old woman. Their child was called Paulo.Pedro could not find a job.Sometimes he found one for a few days.He worked as a porter or washed dishes in a restaurant.Maria made little money,she washed and mended clothes.They were always hungry,the food was expensive and they had not money to buy it.Paulo stayed inside the hut and after three years he could go outside to play with the other children.His leds and his arms were very thin and the other children called him Paulito.One day Pedro went home running and shouted.He found a job as a bus driver in a bus company and he worked twelve hours a day.Now they would have enough money to buy food.

Paulito loved football and he played all day. He would like to be a footballer.One day when Pedro came home,he had two girls with him,Paulito's cousins,Fernanda and Odete. They lived with their parents in another town but their parents had died in a house fire, so the girls had to live with them.Fernanda was at the same age as Paulito; they were nine years old.She was very pretty and she walked proudly. Obete was two years younger.She was pretty too,but very shy.

A few years later, Paulito was a very good player and he played in Corinthians. Paulito played on the right wing because he could run very fast.Paulito could dodge even more cleverly and his opponents were not able to catch him. Many people went to see him in Corinthians.Every day he was better and better, so one day he became a famous footballer.

The words of the old Negress came true.Their parents and his cousins were very glad for him. Afterwards, he became ambitious and he had many offers.His dream was to play in Brazil.One day the manager and his coach of his team told him some bad news that he may could not play football again.The cause was the fact that he didn't drink milk when he was young and his bones were very sensitive and he got injured very easily.He stayed in the hospital for three months for the operation.

After eight weeks his legs were stronger than before.But he was not as fast as before.At first Paulito played badly and he wasn't good.He thought that he could not play well again and he went to a bar and saw the matches and drank beer with the fans.Paulito  wanted to give up.His coach didn't let him to do that and they tried to change his mind.And they did it.He went in Tonoko's gymnasium and he trained his legs hard.

Finally, there was a great day for Paulito. They called him in order to go to play in a very important match: Brazil vs Europe.He played very well and all the people loved him and he was proud for himself. Also, he got married to Obete and they had many children and they lived all together happily.      


  1. You deserve a huge bravo Nick for reading this book and writing about it on the blog! I am very proud of you- good job! :)

  2. Thank you Mrs.Christina.I told you ti may be good..:)

  3. I was sure it would be awesome! I never had a single doubt! :)

  4. wooow what a progress !! My cousin is a great writer !!! well done Nick CONGRATULATIONS !!!

    I was wondering Nick what is the deeper meaning of that interesting story ... Can you help me ??

  5. Correction of cousin George's comment: I was wondering what the deeper meaning IS (affirmative sentence after the verb 'wonder'!!)

    Nick, please help him study a little bit more in order for him to become as good as you are!!! Show him what you know by answering his question! :0)

  6. xaxaxaxa..!! I will help him but I want one or two points up.:P.. I'm joking. So my frient george I will tell you [the deeper] meaning when I'll see you.

  7. We all look forward to your answer, Nick! Why should only George listen to it? :)

    It's not proper to tell him when you SEE him (present simple in time clauses that refer to the future!)